Using Chatbot to improve learners experiences

Built, protype, test and deploy a chatbot interface. To provide real time responses to online student queries using AI and machine learning techniques that are responsive to a diverse student cohort. To explore more about this research here

Engineering Faculty, Amazon Lex-AWS

On site

Support, development, prototype, research


  • Co-author and researcher of conference paper “Streamlining student request using Chatbot”
  • Conference Paper “29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education”
  • Chatbots can process data and provide a quick answer
  • Chatbot gather large amount of data. This data contains helpful information, organisations can track-monitor learners queries via live chat and improve our existing interface
  • Chatbots can be connected with existing tools or Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Create active learning interactions, provide students flexibility, new advanced tools at anytime-anywhere
  • Linked with internal organisational strategies; incorporating advanced learning technologies and support
  •  Technological innovations and prototype 
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