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Global Project managed by Tsunagaru EduTech Fukuoka City, Japan

How it works?

We simplify the way you should learn English.. How? well, we don’t teach you the complex part….reading, writing, gramma… 🙅🏻 📖 📝 

We motivate you to Self-Study and Be Lifelong Learner ! … yes that is right!! Identify your own english books, listen your favourite podcasts, practices your favourites English karaoke songs. Discover the total freedom to follow your own schedule, passion and personal commitment to learn English!

We are here to help you with the most important part Speaking English!

🤔 Did you know that.....

Japanese people tend to not be able to speak English, despite having been in contact with the language for about 12 entire years

In a 2019 survey, Japan dropped to 53rd in global English proficiency, squarely in the “low proficiency” band. Japan ranks near the bottom of Asian and developed countries alike despite constant reshuffling and refinement of the English educational curriculum in schools and the frequent assertions, acknowledged by Japan’s Ministry of Education, that English-language skills are needed to compete in the modern economy.

😩 Speaking English is seen as difficult and hard to do!

In fact you have to remember that.... “You can keep improving your skills by making mistakes” so.... Don't worry if you make any mistake, little by little your english speaking skills will improve during our sessions. This is why we are NOT like others expensive English Schools or private English Teachers, we are TSUNAGARU Cafe

👉🏻 ☕️ 🍪


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Session Types

Identify the best option according to your time, work schedules and specific needs!

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Different options based on your needs and budget (Prices per user)
You can pay by cash (In Person) or via Bank Transfer

About Us

International group and professional team with different backgrounds and global experiences. Our team have expertise working on EdTech, Education, IT, Engineering, Business, Tourism and Technology sector.

Our Guest Speakers help us to spread Tsunagaru Community around the world, they attended our LIVE sessions (remotely via live streaming), participated in our group sessions and share global experiences with YOU!!!

Global Guest Speaker


Startup Mindset
Digital Nomads


Choose your lesson

Choose best lesson to match your interests, study or career goals!

  • Develop speaking, listening skills for a business and technology context
  • Develop speaking skills through group and individual presentations
  • Learn business – Tech terminology and practices
  • Explore various types of cases used in the workplace
  • Actively contribute to meetings and team discussion

Develop your confidence with the English language

  • Understand and participate in conversations and discussions
  • Speak with fluency, accuracy and clarity
  • Read with greater speed and understanding tourist context and situations
  • Express yourself in locals and simple communication
  • Express yourself and participate in class discussion
  • Learn basic vocabulary and classroom items
  • Practice speaking by playing and fun class activities


Tsunagaru Cafe is a project led and managed by Tsunagaru Edutech Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI). We brings the power and innovation generated by cross-sector partnerships to bear on the world’s most pressing problems by emphasising implementation and measurable social change.

Our project will support “FREE” EdTech training and solutions in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and South America. Thank you in supporting a more equal, quality and accessible education to everyone in the world!

😌 😊 🙂 What students say?

"Speaking lessons are so interactive and fun. Now, I really like to speak and not be shy anymore. Thank you so much!
University Student
"They were able to help me and improve my speaking skills. I got useful tips before my business trip to overseas. hank you very much"
Business Manager
"They know how to teach online lessons and my speaking skills have improved a lot! I only want to speak and have fun speaking sessions!
Best class ever!
Miyoko / Masato
Junior High School Students

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