Our experts support our clients in their strategic decisions by putting their knowledge of our connected solutions and can help you to build a diverse tech ecosystem, inclusive and high-performing innovation team.

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Tsunagaru PHQDD Standards

Tsunagaru – Premium High Quality Digital Design (PHQDD) Standards is our digital tool and benchmarking services to ensure quality standards in digital learning design (development, implementation, evaluation, auditing). We follow a strict online course review process, including: general information, digital design, cloud communication-interaction-collaboration, student evaluation & assessment sections.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital transformation team can help visionary organisations step into a confident digital future and Industry 4.0. Assisting your business on your next technological transformation and to be ensure that you technology strategy support a clear digital strategy. Explore our previous projects, demos and how we can assist your business on your next digital innovative approach.

Digital Learning 5.0

We will help you to increase learners engagement with refresh digital course design, effective digital adoption and use of learning analytics. Transform a passive learning environment with advance learning experiences. Adopt blended learning, flexibility-remote training and new methods to guide learners, encourage dialogue, team-work and critical thinking skills oriented to the Fourth Industrial revolution.

Future Societies 5.0

We can assist your organisation to orient your goals for a future Society 5.0 and how to be prepared for future challenges. Our expert services will guide your organisation to adapt these rapid actions into practical implementation and inject innovation to achieve a prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future.

Training & Development

Obtain the best L&D solutions to help your organisation, evaluate strengths, develop talent, virtual training and encourage better internal performances. Based on your suggestions and specific business needs, we can develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, training, workshops or webinars. Tsunagaru Academy Learning Management Systems (LMS) is our virtual academy with a subscription plan. 
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