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Micro-course: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/drones safety rules in Japan


The demand for digital learning and the experts who can deliver it continues to grow rapidly. This course will examine what online learning is, who needs it, who creates it. Participants can succesfully implement and moved from traditional print technologies to new virtual environments using digital technologies and aligned with a future society 5.0


🧩 Overview

Drones user experiences in Japan are increasingly growing….


🧩 Things to know before

  • 4 modules – Up to 5 weeks
  • Fully Online (Include 2 live sessions) + PBL (Poblem based learning) methodology
  • Access Tsunagaru Academy up to 3 months (course content, resources, pdf, etc)
  • Chat support
  • Practical assessments, project based learning and group learning discussions 
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation 🇬🇧 🇯🇵
  • We use advanced cloud systems, collaboration softwares, tools and multimedia resources


🧩 Get skills on how to

  • Being a leader in your organization and get new knowledge to face the emerging challenges in education, business sector and global competitiveness.
  • Participants will learn about digital trends in online education, global case studies that are impacting the traditional work-learning environment and how to present practical and innovative solutions
  • You will be introduced to the ways to plan for a digital classroom and approaches to predict the outcome of using digital technologies in your teaching or training
  • From a “teaching as design science” perspective, we will explore the theories, case studies, and practices of design that are transforming the future of digital learning and digital literacy
  • Strategies for planning use of digital technologies in educational setting
  • How to create engaging online lessons for domestic and international learners


🧩 What do you get ?

In the end of this micro-course you will get a digital certificate: Awarded at the successful completion of the micro-course validated by our collaborators.

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