We are expert on micro workshops and micro training. It’s the more engaging, less time-consuming, and cheaper-to-produce sibling of regular virtual and digital learning. Our compact training is surprisingly effective one for corporate and commercial training. 

In this technological and lifelong learning era of busy schedules and short attention spans, our micro training is a near-perfect training model. And it can be used for all kinds of training on educational sector, companies or even large companies. A few our micro-learning experiences include employee training, digital adoption and transformation, digital learning 5.0, SDGs application and skills training. 

Focus on your needs

Your organisation is unique, and its training should be no exception!
We will design an interactive customised program to meet your training needs. Our customised programs can be live in-person, offered through a live video conferencing platform, entirely online or hybrid learning.

Productivity Growth

Our custom programs help clients create better and more productive workplaces by empowering employees to tackle complex workplace issues and resolve difficult situations effectively.

Smart Certificate

Our participants obtain a Digital Certificate with a unique SecurID Token Identifier Code. Certifying future competences Skills 5.0, aligned with global normative guide for competence-based curricula that can support the attainment of the Education 2030 agenda, and that can prepare learners (young and old) for Industry 4.0, SDGs framework and future Society 5.0.

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