Cardiorespiratory PracticeOnline learning activities, cardiorespiratory Practice, real case studies, using interactive lessons, multiple choice questions, quizzes. Using learning analytics. Designed by Pablo Riveros


As one of the largest Veterinary science groups in the Southern Hemisphere, its diverse group of academic and clinical staff contribute to animal science, health and welfare through innovative, practical research, advanced veterinary services and successful industry partnerships.

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Education – Vet Science, Research


Explore, build, prototype, measure and develop lessons and workshops to upgrade academic skills and improve student satisfaction. Using advance softwares, implement active learning experiences and engaging teaching and learning experiences. Break academic silos, team work collaboration and share resources.

Digital Learning Outcomes and Results

“Fabulous expert assistance and didactic workshop to learn how to build “Classroom in the cloud, build interactive modules and scenario based learning”

iDesignx Brisbane Conference 27-feb-19Presentation: Design Classroom learning for the cloud