Startups + Universities
Foster innovation

co-Research, digital Learning Transformation and Mentoring Solutions

A common goal: Innovation

Take advantage as stronger grasp on innovation, something startups also offer in the context of corporate-startup collaborations.

Access to the latest technologies on the market

Our process are agile, using latest technologies and digital ecosystems. 

Faster R&D cycles

Factors contribute to making startups pioneers of innovation. Startups and researchers can thus pool their expertise to help create cutting-edge innovation and garner results faster.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Develop with us a rapid PoC, fast track project and 100% digital-remote.


Adaptability and Clear roadmap

The academic and business worlds function very differently. While researchers are used to working on very long-term projects that can take years to complete, the business world often wants quick wins. For a collaboration to be successful, both parties need to realistically define their project’s roadmap.

What can we offer?
DLX Business Consulting Collaboration

Collaborate with us, get fresh new ideas and collect expertise from edtech senior expert

Mentoring Services

Mentoring is critical for student training, skills development, researchers and also for new job placement.

Internships + Research

Understanding how to develop and maximize corporate collaborations, private fundings and research projects. Actively recruiting interns from Universities.

Revenue Generation & SDGs

Expose students to the industry culture, technologies, research projects with global scalability and economic cooperation focus on SDGs

🚀 Startups + 🎓 University Collaboration

We collaborate with Universities and Global Startups on 3 main areas:
  • Internship Programs (Non IT background need and up-skilling workforce)
  • Advisory and Mentoring Program “Tsu-UP” the entrepreneur’s abilities and help accelerate DX learning, entrepreneurial progress, and skill tech development. Build entrepreneur’s abilities and skill tech development
  •  e-Learning, digital learning ecosystems, EdTech, LX (learning transformation), consulting and co-research 
Key Benefits of our Mentoring & DLX support

Help accelerate learning and venture progress


Learn and get access edtech skill development, current trends on IT startup sector


Obtain support by startups, innovators and joined real world experiences



Mentor Hub

USD750/ Monthly Fee

(10% tax non-included)

Seeks to connect with students, academics or researcher that need valuable personal insights, idea feedback and professional perspectives that are so important to their progress and future success (Directly From Industry)

  • 2 online or OFF Line sessions-consulting per month
  • Up to 1 hour per session
  •  Connect with our mentors hub from industry, startup Fukuoka ecosystems and partners
  • Visiting your institution and provide on site DX mentoring experiences
  • We can also scope specific mentor or experts from local startup tech companies based in Fukuoka City *Additional costs
Entrepreneur-In Residence

USD1,650/ Monthly Fee

(10% tax non- included)

Assist Universities to co-build, co-design, co-construct exciting advance startup programs, micro-training, student workshops to foster innovation, digital learning, rise entrepreneurial spirit and quick accelerate ideas. Our role as "Lead Mentors” and act as the key contact for mentoring sessions.

  • 4 online/Off sessions consulting per month 
  • Up to 1 hour per session
  • Workshops, training and startup ecosystem assistance, co-develop
  • Follow up student learning outcomes and experiences
  • Guest speaker, lectures or focus group sessions
  • Creative, design and edtech insights (Based on our startup experiences) 

DLX (Digital learning Transformation) + Consulting

A win-win situation for startups, EdTech and Academia

Pablo has assisted, helped, advised Startups, SMEs and Large corporations, Universities and Governments; including The University of Queensland (Australia), Kyushu University (Eng. School), INACAP (Chile), UNESCO, ProChile-Japan, Hakata Technical School and JRKyushu Group (Q-Co working Space). A global speaker in areas related to digital learning transformation (DLX), Japanese Society 5.0, the disruption of blended and hybrid education, classroom in the cloud, Education 5.0, and futuristic technologies.

DX Startups / Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

USD195/ Monthly Fee

(tax non-included)

  • 1 (one) consulting session (60 minutes each)
  • Identify opportunities in small market, then scale big
  • General insights about Edtech ecosystem across Japan, LaTam, Australia and Europe
  • Pros/Cons for EdTech Startups before enter Asian/Japanese Market
  • General insights about Soft landing in Japan
  • Identify Pros/Cons before to build a proof of concept (PoC), test in Asia/Japanese Market


DX Scaling Up to Japan Scaling Up to Overseas

USD385/ Monthly Fee

(tax non-included)

  • 2 (two) consulting sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Identify needs, potential large edtech implementation
  • Analysis, explore opportunities in saving operational costs
  • Introduction about learning and technical DX systems, best fit for your business vs rapid tech scalability
  • Learning analytics on corporate training, identify reports and micro-learning implementation
DX Consulting Large Business

ProjectBase/ Annual

(tax non- included)

DX Advisory services for Directory, Founders and Large Corporation

Why International Students choose us as one of the Coolest Hybrid (on/Off) Interns Program in Japan

Remote Internships are from 6 to up 12 months “Unpaid”
Key Benefits

👍🏻 Up to 2h free seat, wifi and free coffee at our hub office, JR Kyushu Hakata Station [Q] or global co-working spaces hub

👍🏻 Discount tickets AMU/Hakata Shopping and restaurants
👍🏻 Welcome package 📦 include: Tsunagaru t-shirt + startup branding
👍🏻 Free micro-training, up-skilling courses (access to AWSEdstart training benefits, same benefits that our employees) 

👍🏻 Free Bike 🚲 Parking spot (Hakata Station)

👍🏻 Join a global team and learn how to work agile and remote
👍🏻 Free ticket events to attend global events, edtech conference and webinars

👍🏻 Exclusive invitation to join a be Japan Edtech Ambassador 


“Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted”

My programme encourages me to think critically about topics of digital education, and I was able to apply this skill in discussing the Manabu platform .I was able to experience being a part of a startup, and I learned the importance of being flexible in each situation. I also learned what is required in pitch competitions and conversations with potential collaborators. Thank you for this internship!

Voice Internship Programs

We select interns from different Universities, backgrounds and technical skills. If you are bilingual, open to work in a fast pace startup, passion for EdTech and DX solutions, WELCOME TO APPLY!


Cathy Higashiguchi
The University of Edinburgh (UK) 
(Jan – Jun 2022)
Past Interns 2021
Rukia Mori

Seinan Gakuin University

(Fukuoka, Japan)


Tabina Ardha

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 

(Beppu, Japan)

Ahbab Areeb

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

(Beppu, Japan)

Our Three Arrows Digital Learning Research
Agile Development

Abstract Book, IAFOR Journal, Hawaii

Jan 06-09, 2021

Mika Tamura, Pablo Riveros and Jin Tanaka

Ascilite Conference, Australia

Dec 6, 2020

Pablo Riveros, Mika Tamura and Jin Tanaka

29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education, New Zealand

Dec 2-5, 2021

Melanie Fleming, Pablo Riveros, Carl Reidsema and Nicholas Achilles