Micro-Workshop: Apply SDGs Good Practices into Business Actions & Future Society 5.0

This workshop delivers the tools, practical cases, and innovative processes with the use of technologies applied to hybrid learning and innovative application. Providing a SDGs Learning, Training & Practice session, frameworks draws on ongoing analytical and operational work. Effectively integrating blended instruments into SDGs + Society 5.0.



The workshop is formulate and implement active business strategies for SDG implementation. They provide a roadmap to operationalising the agenda 2030 at the country level, accompanied by multilateral action to create a open and active enabling environment. It will start with a breakdown of the first building block, on internal assessments and diagnostics. This includes assessments of the context “What is a Society 5.0” landscape, needs, and identification of policy and capacity binding constraints. In this context, it will highlight how to incorporate specific elements, such as “disruptive agile innovation” as one tool used to a rapid approach of SDGs, including both its potential and risks.



  • 🕘 Length:  Depending of participants
  • 🎓 Subject: SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals + Society 5.0)
  • 🔎 Style: Live in person, Online or Hybrid Learning
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Participants: Up to 20 users
  • 🖥 Course Type: Includes hybrid or online session, pre-workshop activities, group work, practical case studies and potential actions (Agile Approach), 1 month of “FREE” access to Tsunagaru Academy
  • 💬 Languages: We have updated our English version. For other languages we can discuss prices and professional translation services.
  • To get a quote or group discounts, email us to support@tsunagaru-edutech.com



  • Curriculum: Obtain advanced knowledge to formulate and implement comprehensive strategies and actions for SDG implementation oriented to achieve Society 5.0
  • Expertise: With a global perspective, innovative and with real cases from industry and academia and accelerate the action-implementation
  • Digital Certificate: Awarded at the successful completion of the course validated by our collaborators and partners
  • Micro-Credential: Validating your skills and new knowledge with Industry 5.0, in digital and shareable format (partner institution)



Getting a printed certificate for $50 will include yourname handwritten in Kanji by a Japanese Calligraphy Expert. Our printed certificates are printed on Deluxe Paper (high quality and resistance), including exclusive Japanese Hanko stamp and deliver to your  country (*shipping fees not included).

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