Kyushu University + Tsunagaru Edutech (Co-research on Digital Learning 5.0 and SDGs Education)

University + Industry Co-research approach on Digital Learning 5.0 & SDGs education   Promoting Digital Learning 5.0 and Collaborative research We have been working with academic researchers from Faculty of Engineering (Kyushu University) and teaching assistance on Collaborative Action Research. We are glad to announce that our co-research collaboration, between Tsunagaru Edutech and Kyushu University (Faculty of […]

Future of Education 5.0

The ‘new normal’ will be cloud enabled: If there’s one good thing to come from this year, it’s that the COVID-19 has been the final push educational institutions needed to fully embrace the cloud, digital learning experiences and blended learning. Tsunagaru Edutech team are assisting institutions to build new programs, online content and future curriculum […]

Industry Collaboration – Fukuoka Developer Community

Invited by PhD Takashi Yoshinaga and first experienced testing hologram apps, exploration software and testing phase. He is the head of Fukuoka developer community, a vibrat community based in Fukuoka City, including VR, AR, MR, AI experts. I was able to see latest prototypes, development, software’s and cutting edge development at Panasonic Laboratory.

Conference Speaker

I will be presenting at this important conference educational tech conference, as part of the Leadership Summit, 02 to 03 March, Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur

International Webinar (Spanish) “Society 5.0 – Next Disruptions”

In this webinar we discussed the future societies, how IoT, AI and Data is transforming societies for a better human life, we explored some case studies from Japan and other global examples. We briefly talked about Digital Learning and importance of partnership between industry + academy + governments (The webinar started 35m50s) Thank you for […]