Virtual Academy

ツナガル アカデミーは、私たちのパーソナライズされたマイクロトレーニング、HyFlex – HyBrid Learning New Experiencesの開発をサポートするVTP(仮想トレーニング プラットフォーム)です


Tsunagaru Academy is our VTP (Virtual Training Platform) that support the development of our personalised micro-training, HyFlex – HyBrid Learning New Experiences



Reports and Learning Analytics

Get Digital Badges and Micro-Data

What is a Digital Smart Credential?

マイクロ クレデンシャルは、職場における次の大きな破壊力になる可能性があり、学校、非営利団体、企業の誰もがそれを使用しています。

マイクロ クレデンシャルの取得には、アクティビティ、マイクロ トレーニング、ワークショップ、評価、プロジェクトの完了が含まれます。従業員または企業は、新しいクレデンシャルを取得した証拠としてデジタル証明書またはバッジを受け取ることができます。

Micro-credentials could be the next major disruptive force in the workplace, and everyone from schools, non-profits and businesses are using them. 
Earning a micro-credential can involve completing activities, micro-training, workshops, assessments and projects, and the employee or business can receive a digital certificate or badge as evidence of attaining their new credential

5 Key DX elements
in Micro-Credentials


Third Parties can access and verify certificates
QR Code
確認済み 信頼できる

業界のニーズに合わせた Society 5.0 / SDGs グローバルチームのモビリティ

Aligned to Industry Needs
Society 5.0 / SDGs
Global Team Mobility
スマート証明書 SecurID トークン

Smart Certificates
SecurID Tokens
100% デジタル、 譲渡可能 ペーパーレスコンセプト

100 % Digital,
Paper-Less Concept

Micro-credentials for a more
inclusive world

  • Up Skill (learn additional skills)

    マイクロクレデンシャルにより、従業員は定期的にスキルアップし、新しいことを学ぶことができます Micro-credentialing empowers employees to regularly upskill and learn something new.

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey (DX)

    デジタル トランスフォーメーションによって組織が再構築され、ビジネス モデルが変化するにつれて生じる新しい職場の需要に対応 Meet new workplace demands that arise as organizations restructure and business models change with digital transformation

  • Chance to pursue new careers and job opportunities

    特に恵まれない状況にある求職者に、やりがいのあるキャリアを追求する本当のチャンスを与えます Gives job seekers, particularly from disadvantaged circumstances, a real chance to pursue rewarding careers​

  • Re-training and fast transition to work force (Gender Equality)

    復職したいママも、復習して新たなスタートを切りたい方も一緒に Including mothers who want to return to work, along with anyone ready to re-train and make a new start​

  • Verify and validated working experience

    正式な資格を持たない人々が、これまでの職務経験と獲得したスキルに基づいて、認知された資格または認定を取得できるように支援します。 Help people without formal qualifications to get recognized credentials or certifications based on the work experience they’ve had, and the skills they’ve gained.


私たちはマイクロワークショップとマイクロトレーニングのエキスパートです。 それは、より魅力的で時間をかけずに、高度なデジタル学習スキルを統合することです。 私たちのコンパクトなトレーニングは、企業、教育、および商業トレーニングに驚くほど効果的です。

We are expert on micro-workshops and micro-training. It’s the more engaging, less time-consuming and integrate advanced digital learning skills. Our compact training is surprisingly effective one for corporate, educational and commercial training.

5 Benefits
with Tsunagaru Micro-Learning

1. Life Long Learning (3Ls)

生涯を通じて知識を獲得し、新しいスキルを学ぶ Gaining knowledge and learning new skills throughout your life

2. Related to Japan Society 5.0 & SDGs

企業、雇用主、従業員がインダストリー4.0、ロボット工学、AI、自動化の速いペースについていけるよう支援 Help business, employers and employees keep up with the fast pace of the industry 4.0, robotics, AI, Automation

3. Work Balance and Quality Life

あなたの情熱を実現し、創造性を高めるのに役立ちます。 興味があるものが何であれ、それはより良い人生を送るための一つの方法です。 Help you realize your passions and boost creativity. Whatever it is that you’re interested in, it is one way to live a better life.

4. Focus on your Business Needs

お客様のトレーニング ニーズに合わせてカスタマイズされた DX プログラムを共同設計します。マイクロ トレーニング プログラムは、対面式、オンライン、またはハイブリッド モデルで実施できます。 We co-design customised DX programs to meet your training needs and our micro-training programs can be live in-person, online or Hybrid Model

5. Productivity's Growth

当社の柔軟なプログラムは、従業員がダイナミックなイノベーションで複雑な問題に取り組めるようにすることで、クライアントがより良く生産性の高い DX ワークプレイスを作成するのに役立ちます。 Our flexible programs help clients create better and more productive DX workplaces by empowering employees to tackle complex issues with dynamic innovation



It is our digital learning platform that makes it possible for our members to participate, train, learn and collaborate and obtain micro-certifications. Whether from a professional, academic or business perspective, we offer a world-class online learning experience. Our virtual trainings are designed in modules, with a simple learning structure, using web 5.0 resources and tools, and the most advanced systems for distance training and education (videos, images, files, streaming, etc).

A blockchain digital credential is a secure URL link giving access to a tamper-proof and directly verifiable certificate. Learners can freely use this URL link, and employers or third parties can access and verify the certificate with a single click, without any particular technical skill: Its authenticity is guaranteed by our blockchain technology.

Yes sure! Please contact us or email to We will be happy to schedule a virtual meeting with you!

YES! But please note that you will not be able to activate your account or access the live workshop session until payment has been received. For international bank transfers, this can take up to 10 days. Contact us . Our sales team will be happy to create a custom order for you.

Yes of course! If you feel confident with your level of English, it is not a problem for us. We do not do any English exam. Be sure to participate during virtual sessions or workshops, take tests and actively participate in group work and discussion.

Make sure, you use the correct billing address and name that is linked to your card. Call your credit card issuer to make sure your card is activated for this (international) payment. Try using your card via PayPal (if available in your country / currency). Please remember that international transfers can include additional costs (currency exchange)
Your printed certificate will be sent to you as soon as you make the payment and we can verify that the course was completed. You will receive your printed certificate within six weeks or less. Our system is automated, so unfortunately we cannot speed it up.
We use Japan Post Co Ltd, with international tracking service, and will provide you with a shipping number.
To enroll multiple people, simply add as many courses or trainings as you like to the shopping cart, complete the checkout or contact our support with each person’s details (name, course details, date of possible training)
If you are looking to enrolled more than 10 people, you may be interested in our group team discounts (email us for special discounts for group registration).
At the moment, our micro courses, training and certifications are in English and a few others in Japanese and Spanish.

If your company or business need a rapid support, training or courses in your own native language, we have the solution for that!
Our global partner Interlingual can rapid customise, build, translate our training in many languages or provide a professional translators for and Chinese very soon. For non-English speakers, the English program requires an intermediate level of English to understand the case studies, team collaboration, support, chat.