Good Bye Old Learning Management Systems

Manabu in Japanese means to “Learn” – Design/Made 🇯🇵

For decades, online systems are called LMS (Learning Management Systems), and we are challenging this tradition created in the earliest 1920’s. Our newest innovation is called “Manabu” VLE (Virtual Learning Ecosystems), build under a simple, minimal and learning ecosystem framework. Manabu involved a solid agile research, development and data. Based on our DLX research (Digital Learning Transformation) – 3 arrow models

Manabu (MVP-develop for beta launch) include digital badges and a social learning team-approach, a pointing systems that directly benefits communities, workers and is aligned by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Learning systems are too complex to use
  • High operational and management costs, keep IT team to support and managed those complex systems
  • Doesn't integrate live streaming  +  VR training session
  • Focus on individual competitiveness and individual achievements
  • Money driven rather social and impact communities
  • Organisations still use on-premises alternatives
  • Data Security risks
  • Face to face training (F2F) costs on renting offices, transport, 
  • Social Isolation 
  • Japan Ageing Society
Some companies prefer not to have a strong sense of competition among their employees, but rather, a sense of unityResearch participant feedbacks
I think many users are not so technical so the UX needs to be as simple as possibleResearch participant feedbacks


  • Reduce complexity
  • Not more unnecessary-unused features
  • Modular, flexible and inclusive way of working
  • Simple navigation interface
  • Integration of social learning tools and social learning interaction
  • Unite Team leaderboard (help each other-shared mission)
  • PaaS(Platform as a Services) compelling considering potential operational cost savings + secure cloud infraestructure
  • Pointing systems that directly benefits team, staff and communities
  • Integrate VR live training experiences and blended learning (METAVERSE)
  • Digital badges, transferable skills
  • Blockchain-based, stackable digital badges for professional training
  • Digital badging on the blockchain empowers employees and gives employers better insight into new hires
  • Aligned by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Local Governments and municipalities in needs for advance systems to connect with locals communities

Modular (R&D)

Simple, easy navigation interface, a minimalist and Japanese design approach.

Social Learning

Focus on social interaction-learning, team leaderboards, points directly benefits workers and communities

AI & Analytics

Powerful learning analytics; using AI and predict learning to improve learning experiences and save business operational costs!

Live Training
+ LTI integration

Live streaming training and LTI will integrate avatars, simulation environments, VR (Metaverse)

Manabu is more than a VLe...
+ Develop new Digital Learning Experiences

Live Streaming Training functionality and integrate avatars, simulations environments and Virtual Learning experiences like (Metaverse) will engage with learners and provide flexible learning experiences.

Do you know?

50% of all employees will need to re-skilling by 2025 and micro learning will be the future of training in workplace? Manabu will save operational costs in extensive online programs and training. Integrate the future of learning compact and effective.

Funding Goals

1 to 2M USD, funding needed to achieve our next steps 

Team, Devs, Founder 40%
AI, Blockchain 20%
IT, AWS 20%
Events, communities 10%
IP, Patents 10%

Core Team

Pablo Riveros

CEO- Founder at Tsunagaru Edutech, and Japan EdTech

+15 years academic, industry and EdTech DX global experience, research publications on digital learning, SDGs Education with prestigious Universities, including Kyushu University (Japan) and The University of Queensland (Australia) top 50 in the world.

I am Chilean born, spending over 15 years living/working in hub innovative societies and countries including The Netherlands, Australia, Chile, and Japan. Active runner, minimalist and I do practice “ZaZen” meditation.

Manabu journey 💡

idea to the Launch 🚀

Our Research & Development

Manabu VLe development involved global experience developers, Senior EdTech experts and research team. We have a strong research and development approach and data.