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Study in person or virtual. We also offer self-access courses and take your English or Spanish speaking lessons to the next level for a monthly subscription. To access monthly plan, you will be able to join our virtual academy, explore more at ¬†ūüĖ• Tsunagaru Academy¬†

Our Live Online English/Spanish Speaking Lessons are taught face-to-face and have the same high-quality content as our courses In Person, but with the added benefit of bringing the classroom to your home or anywhere in the world!


You can select the best option according to your time, work schedule and specific needs


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About Us

We are an international group of professional staff with different backgrounds and global experiences. Our team have expertise working on education, business, tourism and technology sector.

Our volunteers help us to spread Tsunagaru Community around the world and implement our lessons, edutech practices and digital transformation with local communities. We are connecting new volunteers around the world, so if you want to be part of our global community and make positives changes in this world, we would love to hear from you! Please email us to support@tsunagaru-edutech.com. On your email, briefly explain us WHY, HOW and WHEN would you like to contribute to a local community!

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Choose a course to match your interests, study or career goals!

  • Develop speaking, listening skills for a business and technology context
  • Develop speaking skills through group and individual presentations
  • Learn business – Tech terminology and practices
  • Explore various types of cases used in the workplace
  • Actively contribute to meetings and team discussion
  • Develop your confidence with the English or Spanish language
  • Understand and participate in conversations and discussions
  • Speak with fluency, accuracy and clarity
  • Read with greater speed and understanding tourist context and situations
  • Express yourself in locals and simple communication
  • Express yourself and participate in class discussion
  • Learn basic vocabulary and classroom items
  • Practice speaking by playing and fun class activities


Supporting our languages lessons you also contribute to help others!

Once or twice a year, we delivery free online lessons via Tsunagaru Academy for kids in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and South America. Thank you in supporting a more equal, quality and accessible education to everyone in the world!

What students say?

"Speaking lessons are so interactive and fun. Now, I really like to speak and not be shy anymore. Thank you so much!
University Student
"They were able to help me with my correct Spanish pronunciation and shared with me useful tips before my business trip to Spain. Thank you very much"
Business Manager
"They know how to teach online lessons and my speaking skills have improved a lot! I only want to speak and they are really good teachers"
Best class ever!
Miyoko / Masato
Junior High School Students