From Fukuoka City to the world

Japan EdTech Ecosystem

Japan Edtech’s aim is to become Japan’s  education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we can accelerate and expand  Japan’s EdTech ecosystem globally.


We have two mains membership program options:

1) Being a Japan Edtech Membership (Startups ~Business)

2) Being a Japan Edtech Ambassadors (University students Bachelor, Master and PhDs)


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Key benefits being a member
Global Collaboration

Networking with global peers, know local Asian Edtech trends and markets by a growing community

Scaling-Up into Japan or overseas

We assisted Japanese or international edtech solutions that want to expand or scale overseas or inside Japanese market.


Asia-Pacifc Edtech Knowledge

Our Lab is located in Fukuoka city, perfectly situated in the center of East Asia, making it simple to take a short direct flight to:

  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul
  • Beijing
  • Taiwan
  • And more!

We also have established relationships with other startup communities across the globe, giving you the chance to interact with other amazing companies.


Adopt DX innovation, ideas and identify common problem-solving practices between academia and startup ecosystem. We connected the dots!

Prototype your EdTech product with us

You’ll explore the tools needed to help you build a prototype and MVP, to gather vital feedback from your Japanese target customer base.

Networking local opportunities

We will assist you to connect with our local Fukuoka City communities, startup hubs, local governments and our trust partners.

Why do business in Japan with our help?

Helping EdTech companies, startups and small business to explore and prototype with us into the third largest economy in the world.

What are we Offering?

Join EdTech Japan Membership

Profile on Edtech Japan

Be listed on our website, your logo and brief business description


Join Slack, Linkedln and Facebook communities. Connecting with other global communities.

Showcase " demo Day" your solutions (On/Off) with a global audience

EdTech “demo day”. ON-OFF line event held at our partner Co-working and Co-Learning Space [Q] by JR Hakata Station, Fukuoka City. Get discounts for shared/ rental offices (Multi-location: 3 bases in Fukuoka City, 10 bases worldwide, Sapporo and Tokyo). Check our HUB

Japan EdTech Bootcamp
(Open Soon)

Support the most promising edtech’s companies to familiarize with Japan's entrepreneurial environment for government resources, fundraising, talent scouting, and more.

Japan EdTech Ambassadors

FREE limited of time

(Until end of this year) * exclusive for individuals not institution)

  • Are you a university student interested in the tech industry?
  • Are you looking to know more about the edtech and startup industry?
  • Are you looking to break into the tech industry with a non-tech background?
Early Startups and Individuals

USD250/ Annual Fee

(10% tax non- included)

  • Profile on Japan Edtech website
  • Access to our Linkedln, Facebook communities
  • Member Digital Badge
  • Know more benefits


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

USD1500/ Annual Fee

(10% tax non-included)

  • Podcast session invitation (45minutes ~1hour) tell more about your solutions (Launching soon)
  • Mentoring office hours
  • Exclusive invitation micro-workshop + 5% OFF discount registration "Edtech Scale-Up to Japan" 
  • Know more benefits
Large Business

USD3,500/ Annual Fee

(10% tax non- included)

  • 5% OFF Japanese Market Research
  • 10% OFF translation marketing content
  • Exclusive invitation to apply Japan Edtech Bootcamp 2023 + 10% OFF discount registration
  • Feature in a case study
  • Know more benefits

Pay and transfer to any of our International bank accounts, we accept US, EU, AUD, ¥. We strongly recommended to use this currency converter (Pay with the currency of the day).

interested in the digital learning tech industry?

As part of the first batch of our ambassador program, we are delighted to announce that the Student Ambassador will be free of charge. Since this offer will only last until the end of the year 2022, use this amazing opportunity to be part of our community as soon as possible!.

Shunki Sugai
Japan Edtech Ambassador (Australia)
I have attended the largest Edutech expo to invite global companies to the Japanese market as representatives of the company. That was not something anyone could experience. Through my experience of a student ambassador, I have been learning how start-up companies make networking with companies on the global stage. Being an ambassador, I have been achieving a lot of skills related to business such as event marketing, communication,public relations, public speaking as well as the cutting-edge edutech environment with a wide variety of opportunities.
Japan Edtech Ambassador Program

We are looking for talented tech-minded student influencers from all over the world to become Japan Edtech ambassadors!