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Japan EdTech Ecosystem

Japan Edtech’s aim is to become Japan’s  education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we can accelerate and expand  Japan’s EdTech ecosystem globally.



123 Street Address


123 Street Address
5 Key Benefits EdTech Japan
Open Collaboration

to accelerate EdTech innovation in Japan

Scale overseas & Japan Market Entry

Helping Japanese EdTech solutions scale overseas. Despite the perceived difficulty of entering and finding success in the Japanese market, there is no reason why companies with a competitive product, solution or service, excellent customer support, and a carefully planned strategy, cannot profit from EdTech expansion

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge not only increases productivity, but it also empowers employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently

Common Practices

Adopt DX innovation, ideas and identify common problem-solving practices

Prototype your EdTech product with us

You’ll explore the tools needed to help you build a prototype and MVP, to gather vital feedback from your Japanese target customer base.

Fukuoka City Startup Partners

We will assist you to connect with our local Fukuoka City communities, startup hubs and our partners.

What We Offer on DX and Digital Learning Solutions

Membership Options (Free or Paid)

Profile on Edtech Japan

Be listed on our website, your logo and brief business description


Join Slack, Linkedln and Facebook communities. Connecting with other global communities.

Showcase " demo" your solutions (On/Off) global audience

EdTech “demo day”. ON-OFF line event held at our partner Co-working and Co-Learning Space [Q] by JR Hakata Station, Fukuoka.

Japan EdTech Bootcamp (Soon)

Support the most promising edtech’s companies to familiarize with Japan's entrepreneurial environment for government resources, fundraising, talent scouting, and more.

Services and Benefits

Our services are designed to support our members’ goals. Japan EdTech members can access the activities, communities, coaching, programs that advance their personal or organisational needs. That might see a member obtaining training one day, supporting some research the next or even presenting on a stage in Demo Day in conjunction with Japan Edtech.

Membership Fees

260,000 ¥

or 2,000 USD (Annually)

Senior DX, EdTech & Learning Consulting Fees

50,000 ¥

or 385 USD (Monthly Fees)

Start Up - Scaling to Japan or Japanese EdTech Scaling to Overseas
(Perfect for Startups and small business)

25,000 ¥

or 193 USD (Monthly Fees)

Your Senior DX Advisor and Global EdTech Expert

Pablo is the CEO and Founder at Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社, Japan EdTech and (corporate training platform). He has + 15 years of professional experiences on digital learning technologies, digital transformation, global edtech markets, corporate training-development and academia.
He has assisted, advised and helped top global universities and corporations; including The University of Queensland (Australia), Kyushu University (Eng. School), INACAP (Chile), UNESCO. Hakata Technical School and JRKyushu Group (Q-Co working Space). He is global speaker in areas related to digital learning, Japanese Society 5.0, the disruption of blended and hybrid education, the classroom in the cloud, Education 5.0, and more.

Podcast and Webinars episodes
(guest speaker)

Our founder has been invited on different international podcasts, webinars and interviews. On his talks, he provided value insights, trends and information about EdTech, digital transformation, our case studies, and Japan EdTech.

APR 2022 - Startup Talk (English)
Society 5.0
(Spanish )
The Future of Skills
Digital Transformation: Education 5.0 (English)

A Society 5.0, future advancements on technologies. A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems.

Aspects of Society 5.0, Sustainable Development Goals and how future of micro-learning will impact the future workplace, corporate training and education.

Universities and Edtech Startup are facing new DX challenges and opportunities. The importance of strength collaboration between University, Public Sector and new startups that are the drivers of innovative solutions


Japan’s Edtech community reserves the right to select, interview or refuse the edtech company. Mainly keeping our Founder vision to be a global, trust, collaborative, respectfully and expert community of collaborators.

Member’s Voice

Why Join us?

Our current members are located in Japan and overseas

Why do business in Japan?

Helping EdTech companies, startups and small business to explore and prototype with us into the third largest economy in the world.


We’re glad to be member of Japan Edtech community and assist with our translation services business in Japan and overseas.
There are large EdTech communities around the globe, however not in Japan yet. I would like to help with my global expertise, networking and partners to expand Japanese EdTech solutions/services to a global scale in a collaborative approach.