Scenary based learning (e-health)

This project included large innovative initiatives such as; prototyping 3D animation, human apps and softwares adapted to blackboard interface-integration. Additionally of that, implementation of blended learning approaches using anatomy apps on mobile devices (iPads). We expanded elements of gamification with new teaching experiences, interactive quizzes and tools. 

If you would like to know more about this project and learn how to implement interactive blended learning activities and obtain resources to support interactive blended in Medicine. Please contact us

eHealth, Medicine

On Site, remote, Blended learning, iPads

Training, workshops, developments


  • Built demos, prototype, interfaces, training and scenarios based learning
  • Implementing new edu-tech approaches and based learning activities using cloud based 3D Anatomy resources, conferences tools and embedded in learning management systems
  • Positive student’s feedbacks and digital experiences
  • Build open academic collaboration (new experiences)
  • Faculty of Medicine allocated additional fundings into new projects and future technologies
  • Academic staff participated and attended online simulated workshops (testing and prototyping 3D demos and adapting new experiences into medicine curriculum, program development and new courses

"Pablo tech capability is refreshing and innovative. Being able to showcase and shared incredible 3D Human technology in interactive scenarios, transform our digital experiences into engaging modules for e-Health and the future of medicine (Telemedicine and e-health) and the value of remote patients monitoring.

Professor Nick Hawkins, Head UNSW's School of Medical Sciences Tweet
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