DENTAYORI collaborative international project involved experts from disciplines such as EdTech, Dental Education and Student Support. We are promoting and exporting advanced Japanese Technical Dental Education (Hybrid / Online Education), Know How and Digital Transformation (DX) between Japan and Indonesia Countries. 

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We participated together with Dopang, You Make It, in the award ceremony and event at Fukuoka Business Digital Content Award

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Enhance learning with 3D models, immersive VR & research

Academic training, update skills & workshops (Design classroom in the Cloud)

Develop, test & prototype Chatbots (AI) to assist learning support & research

Design a hybrid/blended learning Japanese course (Kyushu University)

Interactive scenarios based learning (Telemedicine and e-Health)

EdTech implementation, training & agile ecosystem

Develop, test & implementation cloud systems for Conveyor Control System (Mining - Automation)

+ 500 new online courses with clean User Interface & User Experience (LMS)