500+ new online courses with clean user interface & intuitive learning experiences

This UQ project aimed to supply students with a predictable, user friendly online course interface. It has embedded support notes and links to help with the course organisation of material. It also has suggested text in some virtual content areas. The Best Practice Guidelines for Online Learning Delivery at The University of Queensland was endorsed by the Teaching and Learning Committee. Explore more about this digital learning project here


Entire Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology (All Schools)

On site, virtual collaboration team effort and agile implementation

1 Project Lead + 5 Project Officers, (training, design and evaluation)


  • Audited over 500 online courses and identified those courses that required specific remote assistance
  • Assisted course coordinators to migrate their learning resources from previous year to new new academic year
  • Implemented an agile project management to deliver high-priority, high-quality work and fast response times
  • Centrally managing all requirements, requests, tasks, tests and defects into a real-time tool
  • Collaboration – Support (fast answers and resolved academics enquiries) – Cloud Collaboration
  • Promoting active remote tools with new approach DaaSDesktop as a Service. Adopting this approach encouraged course coordinators the opportunity to build stronger relationships with external advisor, by offering their digital expertise and supporting them to improve their online courses, adoption of digital learning and enhance virtual environments
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