tsunagaru academy

We develop personalized courses and digital services based on strategic alliances and co-alliances with Institutions and Companies. Tsunagaru connects these alliances to offer highly innovative services, micro credential advice, courses aligned to international standards, certifications and with a fast and innovative implementation plan


Industry 4.0 - 5.0 & Society 5.0
“The constant technological evolution that we experience every day has generated a significant impact on the organization of companies that, to avoid slow down, they have implemented digitization process. Technological advances are changing the world of business and this change is faster than we can perceive and organizations do not always evolve at the same pace “

tsunagaru academy

The Tsunagaru Academy is our virtual learning system that brings together the skills, collaboration, networks and competencies necessary to face the gigantic challenges post COVID-19, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the rapid advances in learning, training and consulting for future societies.
In our Academy you will find digital resources, international expert advice, in-depth training on all our specialised topics, workshops, newsletters, exclusive invitations to webinars, podcasts and multimedia resources.
PLUS the support of the global Tsunagaru Community to ensure that your membership has strong global collaborative support. Be part of a global network, technology advisors, industry and academic alliances. Discover the latest advances in innovation for your company or institution with a global, technological perspective and with direct assistance from Japan.

What makes us different
from other services?

We are innovative, maintain a strong connection with the Industry and the Academy. In conjunction with our benchmarking services to guarantee quality standards in our auditing process, testing or adoption.
“ Tsunagaru Academy is working to support local communities in developing countries. Provide free webinars, update training on digital skills 5.0, edutech and promote Japanese effort towards achieving SDGs goals through a Public Private Action for Partnership (PPA) and vision of Japan’s Society 5.0. Our projects are helping these countries for a rapid adoption in digital  innovation, advance training and promote equal and better education”


We are innovative, maintain a strong connection with the Industry and the Academy. In conjunction with benchmarking solutions to guarantee quality standards in respond to our client’s needs and digital transformation guidelines
Global Network
Ongoing Micro-Training
100% Quality services
Continuous Improvement
Advanced Security Tools
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Society 5.0 + Apply SDGs


It is our digital learning platform that makes it possible for our members to participate, train, learn and collaborate and obtain certifications. Whether from a professional, academic or business perspective, we offer a world-class online learning experience. Our virtual trainings are designed in modules, with a simple learning structure, using web 5.0 resources and tools, and the most advanced systems for distance training and education (videos, images, files, streaming, etc).
Membership of the Tsunagaru Academy provides an exceptional opportunity to be part of a globally pioneering virtual platform, network, cloud organization and collaboration that is committed to fostering the best in interdisciplinary research, academia and Industry 4.0 / 5.0 and future partnerships.

What do you get with your membership? (Most important benefits)

1) Get access to free online webinars.

Access to see ALL broadcast, featured and special LIVE sessions for free. Share your interests, areas of expertise and knowledge, and contact information with other global members.

2) Discounts on professional development and course (workshop certification)

Membership allows a 15 % percent discount on any workshop or course attendance or certification

3) Free Online Events Invitations

Enjoy free online events invitations such as dedicated webinars, workshops or seminars taught by leading international experts (academics, industry, business)

4) Tailored Content

Notifications of video, audio, and podcast of our events, tailored to your interests. Also a quarterly membership newsletter with content based on your interests.

We will continue to add new news, products and new services to our annual subscription plan every year.
Annual membership is USD 200, it is renewed annually
YES! But please note that you will not be able to activate your account or access the live workshop session until payment has been received. For international bank transfers, this can take up to 10 days.
Just contact our support team via chat or support@tsunagaru-edutech.com They will be happy to create a custom order for you.

Yes of course! If you feel confident with your level of English, it is not a problem for us. We do not do any English exam. Be sure to participate during virtual sessions or workshops, take tests and actively participate in group work and discussion.

Make sure, you use the correct billing address and name that is linked to your card. Call your credit card issuer to make sure your card is activated for this (international) payment. Try using your card via PayPal (if available in your country / currency). Please remember that international transfers can include additional costs (currency exchange)
Your printed certificate will be sent to you as soon as you make the payment and we can verify that the course was completed. You will receive your printed certificate within six weeks or less. Our system is automated, so unfortunately we cannot speed it up.
We use Japan Post Co Ltd, with international tracking service, and will provide you with a shipping number.
To enroll multiple people, simply add as many courses or trainings as you like to the shopping cart, complete the checkout, and contact our support team (via email support@tsunagaru-edutech.com) with each person’s details.
At the moment, our courses are in English and Spanish. However, Tsunagaru international team is working on translating in Japanese and Chinese very soon. For non-English speakers, the English program requires an intermediate level of English to understand the case studies, team collaboration, support, chat.
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