Pablo Riveros

Senior Manager Digital Learning 5.0 & Business Transformation, Global EdTech Expert & Society 5.0 Visionary
“In the last few years, I have been involved in cutting edge industry and research projects experimenting and prototyping VR/AR/MR in Higher Education, immersive digital learning, AI/chatbot integration to improve student support and enhanced learning experiences with advanced technological innovation. I have assisted global Universities and business to inject agile innovation and advanced digital transformation. I am passionate about how technologies will help societies, learning process and connect silos between academy and industry 5.0. Provide an equal opportunity, universal access to a quality higher education and lifelong learning for all”

Keisuke Kubota

Senior Technical Lead, Innovation & Business Development
“I’ve committed myself to the social good I do and the positive social impact I make in the last few years through studying social entrepreneurship in San Francisco, building a social business in Uganda, joining a media startup based in the US that features social entrepreneurs around the world. What I currently do is to provide robotics lessons with children, hoping the children become future innovators, global leaders, so they’ll create change through the knowledge that they get from us”

Our Partners - A strong international Network

We are building alliances with leading services providers, global collaborators and technology partners to provide innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by business or education sector on digital transformation DX.

It’s not just our in-depth expertise or understanding of hybrid learning that allow us to tailor our consulting and application services to the needs of training and education. Our global partnership also enable us to improve, know other markets and follow global trends on emerging technologies.

Interlingual - Australia

Interlingual provides linguistic solutions (Translations, Interpretation, transcription, proofreading, localisation and multicultural marketing) from and into English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, among other languages.  And thanks to a large portfolio of professional NAATI translators we are able to offer a portfolio of 190 languages.

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