Originally created in Brisbane City, Australia and founded in Fukuoka City, Japan. Pablo Riveros is the CEO & Founder; with over 15 years of international working experience. He worked in the second largest Research Australian University UQ; ranked 36th in the world by the 2021. Pablo was born in San Fernando City, Colchagua Valley (Chile), set at the heart of the central valley, is the icon of wine production in Chile. He has an extensive industry-academic experience, senior consultant and working on EdTech projects, digital transformation and engineering education. He has done co-research, joined expert advisory group and active workshop-training to different organisations; including Kyushu University (Engineering Faculty), The University of Queensland (Medicine, Science and Engineering); among other private and public global institutions.

Pablo Riveros

CEO & Founder

Senior Manager Digital Learning 5.0 & Business Transformation, Global EdTech Expert, Society 5.0 Visionary

“In the last few years, I have been involved in cutting edge industry, academia and co-research projects experimenting-prototyping VR/AR/MR in Higher Education, immersive digital learning, micro-credential, AI/chatbot integration to improve student support and enhanced learning experiences with advanced technological innovation”



Technical Lead & Business Development

“I’ve committed myself to the social good I do and the positive social impact I make in the last few years through studying social entrepreneurship in San Francisco, building a social business in Uganda, joining a media startup based in the US that features social entrepreneurs around the world”


We brainstormed with our employees for new ideas on smaller or bigger thinking. At the same time, our advisory team came from different fields, backgrounds and global expertise and sharing with us unique perspective, skills and experience that it is enormous value for our Tsunagaru Global Vision.


Our advisory team aligned to our 21st century vision; Allowing us to be strongly connected with our Japanese roots, internal philosophy, open-mindset, competitiveness and innovative approach.



Global partnerships with a clear vision to build together a better world, adoption cutting edge technologies and trust collaboration


Provides linguistic solutions (translations, interpretation, transcription, proofreading, localisation and multicultural marketing) from and into English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, among other languages.  And thanks to a large portfolio of professional NAATI translators are able to offer a portfolio of 190 languages.