Date: 22/05/01

People tend to think EdTech is Zoom, Team, Slacks and so on. However, #edtech is more than tools is how human can collaborate, develop tools or solutions with a positive impact into our communities, peers and the world.

What is EdTech Japan? We’ve started with the question: How can we help Japanese EdTech to showcase their solutions or products through open collaboration? And how can we assist global EdTech companies to softland into the complex Japanese and Asian market? Our answer was to establish a strong domestic-international network and community.

On May, we officially launched Japan Edtech with new member benefits, coaching, DX consulting support and open DX Learning collaboration. Join our community now! From Fukuoka to the world!  Apply to be a member. Japan Edtech’s aim is to become Japan’s education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we can accelerate and expand Japan’s EdTech ecosystem globally.


Be part of this exciting new communities and soon more New member benefits!