Date: 22/05/16

🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Exciting and amazing news! We are pleased and honoured to inform you that our company Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社 has been selected, accredited and registered as a DX company for Fukuoka City Government and future DX projects. We have passed a rigorous assessment, application process and we are ready to assist Fukuoka small-medium size business and startups. The application process was audited by the prestiguous Institute of Systems, Information Technologies, and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) Japan.  

Our company can assist on rapid implementation on digital transformation (DX), senior DX consulting, develop a proof of concept, prototype and applying innovative e-learning solutions. DX strategy planning and development, DX-related consulting, DX project management, system operation and maintenance, web design, UX design, programme development, IoT utilisation, AI utilisation, cloud applications, AI-OCR, Office utilisation, non-face-to-face business and e-learning solutions.

Explore some of our latest DX – eLearning case studies and find how we can assist your company in Japan or overseas with our rapid agile approach, digital transformation analysis and implementation. Contact us

FY2022 Fukuoka City Digital Transformation Promotion Model Project Subsidy for SMEs in Fukuoka City List of companies promoting DX. (Number 13)