On Dec 2-3, 2021 Our CEO-Founder Pablo Riveros in partnership with [Q] JR Co working space Mr Tian (Manager at Q), they were invited to attend international seminar focus on Lationamerica (LATAM) Startup organised by JETRO and Pacific Alliance (Strategic Pacific Alliance) involving countries such as Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile. We identified collaboration, showcase [Q] to potential clients and proactive business actions that tsunagaru has created and contributed to our partners [Q] space in the last few months.
We also participated in a round of business meetings and visiting different co-working spaces. Including:
In regards of this important meeting and business trip, Tsunagaru Startup has successfully completed a new alliance and identified our support as DX and digital learning solutions for future online startup programs. In 2022, we have offer our assistance and support to Mexican and Peruvian Governments to delivery online startup program using our software and DX online tool. Additionally of that we were able to have a video meeting with the Chilean Embassador and Counsellor and others important government officials introducing them Fukuoka Startup City, Global Startup Cafe, [Q] co working space and our solutions. Our meetings with government officials, meetings and agenda were coordinated by our startup team our important networking alliances. 
Our startup company is constantly transforming and identifying new business verticals, opportunities and alliances with partners in Tokyo, and overseas.
We were glad to collaborate with Q JR on this important meetings and meeting important government officials. We wish to continue working closer with our strategic partners and clients. Thank you for you continue support to us!
Please don’t doubt to contact us if you want to explore partnership, collaboration or future DX or online Digital Support and implementation
contact us to support@tsunagaru-edutech.com