Concept 1 (drafts ideas & visualisation)

On Oct 29th, 2021, Tsunagaru team applied for Start-Up – Chile (is a seed accelerator created by the Chilean Government based in Santiago, Chile. It provides equity free investment for qualified startups). We applied to the “IGNITE” program; if we are accepted on this program will be able to bring our PoC and build a demo in Chile. Pablo has the main idea in developing a future classroom with a simplicity and affordable concept. Focus on developing countries that they can’t afford expensive educational tools, technologies and lack of knowledge transfer & expertise. The main idea is connecting dots of virtual + physical space. In the center will be a huge of STREAM and immersive experiences. 

The space will be transformed into a natural disaster hub to connect with global experts and obtain advanced disaster risk assistance. For example, “Kizuna Project 2016” by JICA – Japan and Chile, two nations conspicuously prone to natural disasters, have joined forces to share their combined knowledge on disaster risk reduction (DRR) with countries in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region under a triangular cooperation project called Kizuna (Japanese for “bonds of friendship”).  

Manabu means “learn” in Japanese. We are developing integrated physical and flexible virtual ecosystem’s including for example IoT, AI, digital learning technologies and immersive experiences. Manabu Classroom 5.0 integrated active digital immersive experiences into education and simulation environments.

We aiming to reduces e-waste, footprints and energy consumption. Manabu will be designed with sustainable materials, minimalistic and Japanese style interior design. Integrating four 4Rs – Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – co-learning space for a sustainable future and transforming into an emergency operational hub during natural disasters.

Using our cutting edge SmartClassroom, we vision new ideas, global partners and SDGs to help developing countries in an equal education and affordable. Societies will need to be able to create advanced curriculum focus on jobs that do not exist yet. Manabu classroom will be hybrid connect with our virtual learning platform (tsunagaru academy) mixing blended learning spaces with online learning micro education.

Concept 2 (Design & Team discussion)

Minimalist Japanese interior design (wood, reusing materials & zen). Calmly atmosphere, learner not wearing shoes inside and keeping natural balance + technologies. From Pablo draft idea to visual design and video by Kim.

Source inspiration 1: concept image subject copyright by Pinterest

Source inspiration 2: concept image subject copyright by KAKA

Concept 3 (Pro design).. taking shape…

We finalised a final visual design, adding tools and make more simple to understand the main concept. Attached a video with our last presentation of Manabu Classroom 5.0 to Start- Up chile program.

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