Wines were the perfect match with the delicious Korean food presented
I’ve tasted French or Italian Premium wines, so for me it was the first time tasting these Chilean premium wines. My experience was absolutely positive, excellent taste, aroma and Pablo was a great storyteller to know more about these wines because he is from Chile. Thank you
Definitely, I buy a few bottles so tasty wines and food

On Sunday, October 25th, 2021 Tanoshimi Present and Tsunagaru Edutech co-organised an event focus in Korean Kimchi and matching Korean food with Chilean wines.

ProChile Japan, kindly supported our event with varieties of Chilean Premium wines and the shipping to our hearquartes in Fukuoka City. Casas del Bosque Chilean Premium wines were the perfect matching for our asian food menu and olive oil testing, including:

1. Sparkling wine Bo / Casas del Bosque (may be served with hot pot “Chige”)
2. Sauvignon Blanc / Casas del Bosque (may be served with seafood pancakes “buchinge”)
3. Cabernet Sauvignon / Casas del Bosque (may be served with grilled pork belly barbecue “Samgyeopsal”).

Some of the participants included distributors of Taiwan vanilla beans and organic products Peraichi, local representative of Australian Organic Olive Oil Aglive . The director of VICE a digital and game company focus on VR games, AR, web services-from planning and developing smartphone applications, production to operation.

We really appreciated the long term and partnership collaboration with ProChile Japan, Tanoshimi Present and our loyal customers and friends. We are working to promote local events in Fukuoka City, focus on international cooperation, new products, solutions and education portoflio. You can visit our previous co-event “Unboxing Chile and Pop Store” organised at Q- Co-working & Co-Learning Space, our business hub.

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