On Wed, August 25, 2021. Our CEO & Founder was invited to present at the Founder Live  Fukuoka event. 

FoundersLive started in Seattle in the US and it covers more than 30 major cities all over the world. FoundersLive is the online business community. What they do is to support startup companies making your awareness through our pitch contest. We also help you introducing possible business partners as well as investors. For your business startup, they have some mentors who can give you some advices to lead your business development.

福岡からグローバルマーケットへ挑戦するスタートアップの99秒ピッチイベントです。シアトルからスタートしたFounders Live、現在は北米を中心に、世界各国に30都市以上展開しており、アジアでは福岡とインドネシアのみ開催しています。世界へ挑戦するスタートアップの成長促進や、国内外企業との事業提携機会の創出を目的として開催していきます。

Facilitator :
Hiroshi Onaka – City Leader of Founders Live FUKUOKA

In this online event, Pablo briefly presented our latest projects in hybrid education, online and DX transformation.

To know more about this event and connect with the City leader  click here 

A big thanks of the appreciation to Hiroshi Onaka city leader of founders live who invited us to this event, Yuki and FGN team support. This is a great opportunity for small startups like us to be involved in local startup ecosystem, visibility of our solutions. Thank you all!