[2021-09-30]. We were invited to participate in a radioshow at Community Radio Tenjin COMIXTEN in Fukuoka City.

Love & Happy was the name of the program hosted by Keisuke Kubota. We have an amazing time in a chilling atmosphere, we talked differents topics related to why we moved to Japan, entrepreneurship, our startup businesses, support Fukuoka City to startups, the beauty of this city and how our expertise can help Japan.

On the right, Keisuke Kubota, Jeong Ho Kim (Founder of Tanoshimi Present) Community Radio Assistance and Pablo Riveros (Founder of Tsunagaru Edutech).

During the program Keisuke asked about any potential project between our startups and Pablo mentioned the Proof of Concept and collaboration that we did between ProChile Japan, Tanoshimi Present & Tsunagaru Edutech. The PoC was related to e-commerce, unboxing new organic Chilean products and setup a pop-up store located inside our co-working space [Q]. Tanoshimi team created a nice video to showcase the unboxing concept. To know more about this concept click here. Keisuke also mentioned about “Q” co working space located inside JR Hakata Station and how this co-space is the gateway supporting local startups, business and international events.

A big thanks of the appreciation to Tenjin local community radio staff and Keisuke Kubota for the invitation. This is a great opportunity for small startups like us to be involved in local media, visibility of our solutions and enjoy in a relaxing radio show. Keisuke was a funny and engaging radio hosted, making us feel so welcome with a fantastic support. Thank you again thank everyone.