Webinar - DX education to japan society of dental equipments

On the left, Mr. Yamada Makoto – Chairman and on the right, Keisuke Kubota and Pablo Riveros

[2021-08-21] by tsunagaru team

A while ago, Tsunagaru Edutech held a micro-training for Hakata Medical School teachers to assist their first step into online education. Soon after that, Mr. Pablo Riveros (CEO & Founder of Tsunagaru Edutech) and Mr. Keisuke Kubota (Business Development Consultant from Japan) were invited to the 31st Conference of the Japan Society of Dental Equipments on August 21st, 2021.

Mr. Kubota expresses his gratitude to dopang for connecting Tsunagaru Edutech to Hakata Medical School half a year ago. “This wouldn’t have happened without you and I feel so honored to be invited to such an amazing conference.” Mr. Kubota understands the situation where Japanese companies have a lot to catch up on in the DX field, and the dental industry is not an exception. We as Tsunagaru Edutech are delighted to support HMS in starting their first online journey and also to support the dental industry in Japan. Mr. Pablo feels that this certificate validates our hard work, dedication, and the importance of team collaboration. We will do our best to support more people especially in the Dental Industry and we are looking forward to it!

Our Founder- CEO Pablo Riveros and Keisuke Kubota from our global team were invited to a webinar aligned to DX Education to the prestigious Japan Society of Dental Equipments. Keisuke Kubota from our remote team assisted Pablo in the Japanese live translation. Webinar was highly recommended and mentioned in “The Journal of Japan Society of Dental Equipment” ISSN 1881-7734, JJ Dent Equip, Vol.25 N2 – Vol. 26, 2021. We had an active live audience engaged with latest DX educational trends, online-hybrid education, cases studies and how Japanese organisations can accelerate DX implementation.

The title of our webinar was Understanding Digital Transformation in Education in Japan. Thanks to our team Keisuke Kubota and our partners dopang株式会社 Kenji Umeki and specially thanks to Tania Mirella leading Dentayori Project with Indonesia.

A few days later our team got a certificate of recognition. This recognition validated our hard-team work, dedication what we do as a global team and importance for collaborate with others. Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社 couldn’t achieve these small steps alone, our roots are base on global collaboration, international partners and our value clients. Tsunagaru in Japanese means connected. Register to our newsletter and blog posts.