Webinar: Co-working spaces and remote working

[2021.8.18 Wed] by tsunagaru team

Pablo our Ceo & Founder was invited as guest speaker to present at webinar organised by Q and Li-Ka co working spaces located in Kagoshima city. In this event, Pablo briefly introduced our solutions, importance of digital nomad business, workation programs, remote working and the impact of digital technologies in online education. He also mentioned how [Q]-Co-working adopted one of our Proof of Concept, recommendations and succesfully implemented a QR customer registration form. Impacting in the digitalisation of their business, reduce costs and save time in repetitive tasks by Q staff. Please read our visual infographic to know more about this case study.

Webinar presented English and Japanese interpretation supported by our intern Rukia Mori.

Did you know that?

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most demanding professions in the world.

Remote working

Japanese working styles or lifestyles have changed since the COVID-19 crisis occurred

Global translation

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