DX - Expert Webinar
to Japan Society of Dental Equipments

Date: 2021/06 /25 Written by: Tsunagaru EduTech

Our CEO & Founder Pablo Riveros was invited to present a technical webinar to the prestigious Japan Society of Dental Equipments. Proudly we can say that our webinar is highly recommended and mentioned in “The Journal of Japan Society of Dental Equipments”.



Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社 is looking forward to engage our live audience with latest DX educational trends, learning and developments, cases studies and how Japanese organisations can accelerate DX implementation. The title of our webinar is “Understanding Digital Transformation in Education in Japan 🇯🇵” A big thanks to our team Keisuke Kubota and our partners dopang株式会社 Kenji Umeki and specially thanks to Tania Mirella that she is leading our international “Dentayori Project” with Indonesia 🇮🇩.


In Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社 we truly believe that collaboration has the power to spark innovation in the workplace because everyone brings a unique set of knowledge and skills to the table. Working all together will reactive our local and global economies post COVID19. Embracing new ideas and Digital transformation (DX) will help to transform new operating models, improve quality of learning and reduce both operating costs and excess inventories.
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