DX Micro-Workshop
Technical Dental Education

Date: 2021/05/19 Written by: Tsunagaru EduTech

As part of our global co-partnership with DENTAYORI project. Tsunagaru team visited Hakata Medical School

We provided on site digital transformation (DX) micro training to Hakata Dental staff.

In this Photo:  Tsunagaru Edutech (Pablo & Keisuke). Hakata Medical Staff and Dopang Co and You Make It team. Pablo explaining the benefits of creating digital ePortfolio (Digital).

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Presenting HyFlex Learning Activities

We presented how to build new online modules, learning experiences using Google Classroom . Tsunagaru Edutech presenting the implementation to build e-book (digital) in online education and how it enhances learning experiences through active learning, use appropriate learning technologies, interactive scenarios and digitalisation (“Paperless” Concept).

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