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Date: 2021/04/28 Written by: Tsunagaru EdTech Marketing


We are glad to announce that Tsunagaru Edutech has signed first digital e-agreement with Australian Global Partner Interlingual Ltd.

Interlingual is a Translation Agency located in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. It was launched in 2010 in Sydney to satisfy the growing communication and translation needs of today’s business and individuals. 

Interlingual provides linguistic solutions (Translations, Interpretation, transcription, proofreading, localization and multicultural marketing) from and into English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese,Arabic, etc. And thanks to his large portfolio of professional NAATI translators they are able to offer a portfolio of 190 languages.Naati 

Some of his large clients and portfolio included, RMIT University, QBE, Fujitsu Australia, Immigration offices, lawyers and individuals.

In this Photo: On the left, Pablo Riveros, Ceo & Founder Tsunagaru Edutech. On the right, Roberto Lopez Vega , Ceo & Founder of Interlingual Ltd.

The E-agreement was officially established to identify mutal opportunities, expand our diverse portfolio and build a trust and global presence. Tsunagaru-Edutech will be able to assist Interlingual and provide DX transformation, Tsunagaru Quality Standards; with our micro-workshops and micro-training to his entire international team, identify new innovations, accelerate internal digital transformation, etc. Additionally of that, Interlingual will obtain our partner benefits included training, digital badge, micro-credential, promote in our marketing channels and be listed in our platform, among others. 

Officially signed and established this multinational partnership between Australia and Japan


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