Workcation in rural Japan
(Kama City)

Date: 2021/03/25 Written by: Tsunagaru EdTech Marketing


Briefly video about our experience in Kama City, exploring this local and rural Workation experience, connected by nature and warmest Japanese hospitality. 

Source: Credits Kim Jeong Ho, Ceo & Founder, Tanoshimi Present

From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st, Pablo & Keisuke from Tsunagaru Edutech team participated in a workcation program in Kama City. With a population about 38,000 (as of february 2020) this rural city is located in the center of  Fukuoka Prefecture, surrounded by natural forests and the headwaters of the Onga River flow from south to north. The whole city, approximately 72% of the body is forest and cultivated land, rich in water and greenery area. It remains historic sites and legend remain in various places. This workcation program was hosted by local government and community. Tsunagaru team was part of an international and Japanese group from different nationalities and countries (Japan, Italy, Chile-Australia, South Korea)

Source: Kama City, Japan

The trend survey of Nikkei BP, a business magazine publisher, finds that the index score of ‘Workcation’ is rapidly rising, which means the keyword draws much more attentions as an option of new working styles with COVID-19  in Japan.

The highest growth rate in the category of consumption potentiality was seen ‘Workcation’ with a score of 3.32 (+0.44), followed by ‘Multi-habitation (a score of 3.31),’  which may illustrate that Japanese working styles or lifestyles have changed since the COVID-19 crisis occurred. 

Restaurant & Hotel "Kaho Alpe"
Hotel Staff participating in a farewell event
Dinner time with local residents

Workation Main Activities

Social Events
& BBQs

We participated in different social events, dinner and Bbqs. We connected and established networking with participants, local authorities and Workation staff. Tsunagaru Edutech contributed with them assisting with filling surveys, feedback, explore network and dissemination these events with a global and international audience.

Pottery & Konjac Workshop

We attended pottery workshop how to create pottery; hosted by Kama city artist. We also learnt how to make Konjac by a group of senior ladies. Konjac is a natural food that has been part of the Japanese diet for many years and has been used in cooked foods, stir-fry, and other dishes. 

Rainforest & Sauna Experience

Rainforest and sauna were incredible good and helped us to re-connect with nature, recharged energy, enjoyed delicious camping snacks prepared by local tour guides. OTO (UBI) Tachihiko is a local artist and he presented a live performance in this majestic natural scenario. 

"We spend so much time online these days, I felt my senses were heightened by being able to enjoy the fresh and tasty local food right here at Kama City. If I came here just for a holiday, I might feel guilty because of warnings to exercise self-restraint during the pandemic. But because I was here was partly for work, I felt more relaxed about it."
Pablo Riveros
Ceo & Founder Tsunagaru Edutech

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