Micro-Workshop presented to YOUMAKEIT Corp
(Digital Learning 5.0)

Date: 2021/02/23 Written by: Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing

On Tuesday 23rd of February 2021, Pablo Riveros & Keisuke Kubota from our Tsunagaru Team, delivered an interactive and engaging hybrid workshop on how to build new online experiences for Dental Technical Education as part of the Dentayori Project. The workshop was held at Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN offers a wide range of workspaces for concentrating on projects, meeting with teams, or being social). 

In this photo, Pablo, Keisuke were connected via zoom with Ms Nodoka Furuie (Japanese Teacher designed on this project).

Tsunagaru Team presented Micro-Workshop “Driving the adoption of Digital Learning 5.0” 

The Micro-Training included:

  • Pre learning activities
  • How to build online activity using Hybrid Learning Scenarios and simple online lesson
  • General content importance to use video instructions, course interaction and engage learners with different backgrounds and nationalities 
  • Identify your class style, materials to use, technology, multimedia and innovative thinking
  • Learning Objectives, Syllabus and how to build, attach and create lessons on a Learning Management System
  • Importance of work on Agile Learning Ecosystem, Design & Open Innovative Thinking

In this photo, Kenji Umeki CEO & Founder of  YouMakeit ; actively participating of our interactive workshops and design thinking approach.

To know more about our Micro-workshop and how it can help your organisation to build new online and hybrid learning content, using our innovative thinking approach. Please email us or contact using the form below.


Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing Team

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