Global Webinar: Tsunagaru Team was invited to present at XXI Century Skills "STREAM Education to achieve the vision of a Society 5.0 and SDGs

Date: 2021/02/19 Written by: Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing

On Thursday 18th of February 2021, Pablo Riveros & Keisuke Kubota from our Tsunagaru Team were invited to present the webinar aligned to XXI Century Skills at Creative Business Network (CBN). Under Creative Business Network, they have various events and initiatives supporting the global creative economy and dynamic source of information and inspiration around the creative industry, it is based in Copenhagen S, Denmark. Watch the invitation video from our team here.

Keisuke & Pablo presented the webinar “STREAM Education to achieve the vision of a Society 5.0 and SDGs” 

The webinar covered topics related to the vision of Society 5.0, SDGs and how hybrid learning, emerging edtech and micro learning are disrupting the education.

In these Photos Kim Jeong Ho, founder of Tanoshimi Present and Laurie Griffiths  (Community Manager at Engineer Cafe). Thanks to each of them for their amazing technical support and helping us to manage our live streaming session. You are real legends guys!

We truly appreciated the invitation from Creative Business Network (CBN) and Edoardo Montenegro . As a local startup based in Fukuoka City; it is a real pleasure for us to contribute with our expertise to a global scale, expanding our “Know How” from Japan to the world in a open global vision and innovative approach. A few words from our Tsunagaru Edutech CEO and Founder “Tsunagaru means connected, we are connecting our solutions to the world, our global partners and clients. Strongly rooted to our Japanese philosophy “Monozukuri” respect and innovative thinking”.

During Q&A, our team got interesting questions and discussion with other panelists related how confront this disruptive times with educational technologies and traditional education in Japan (Specially primary education). We mentioned the importance of break internal academic silos in the University sector, how important is to upgrade academic skills on this digital times and digital transformations. Particularly, how to be prepare for new challenges post COVID19 and the impact on Education.

Thank you very much to all who attend our session and this webinar. We are looking forward to join more local and global events. To watch the recorded session from our team, please click HERE.


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