News: Tsunagaru Team participated at Engineer Cafe Event (Hack Fukuoka January 2021)

Date: 2021/Jan/26 Written by: Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing 

On Friday 22nd January 2021, Pablo Riveros & Keisuke Kubota from our Tsunagaru Team were invited to present on a Live Streaming session at Engineer Cafe - Hacker Space in Fukuoka City, Japan. We followed strict COVID-19 protocols, wearing masks and proper social distance.

Pablo & Keisuke presented topic focus on “How Educational Technologies will shape the future of Japanese Education 5.0”, Robotics in Education and global case studies.

The webinar was presented in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, discussing with Keisuke topics about Robotics, Hybrid Learning, Traditional Learning Style in Japan and new online education 5.0. Included different case studies about robots in the education, drones and the social impact of these technologies in developing countries.

In this photo, Keisuke, Laurie and Pablo. Thanks Laurie (Community Manager at Engineer Cafe), for his expert assist and technical support, testing tools, managed Q&A and organisation of this Live Streaming Event.

We truly appreciated the invitation at Engineer Cafe - Hacker Space in Fukuoka City, Japan. Organisation team members and our live streaming audience. We got interesting live questions and comments. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to join more local and global events.
To see the recorded Hack Fukuoka Live Stream Session check the follow link



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