News: Collaborative Industry and Academic Research (Kyushu University-Engineering School)

Date: 2020/Dec/01  Written by: Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing

On December 2020, Tsunagaru Edutech has presented a co-research with Associate Professor Mika Tamura from Faculty of Engineering (Kyushu University) and teaching assistance Mr Jin Tanaka on a Collaborative Action Research. The collaborative Industry 5.0 +Academic research was presented at the ASCILITE (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education). The conference was held at the University of New England, on 30th Nov to 1rst December 2020 (Australia). You can read more about this conference paper here .

The co-research is based on the development, design a new online learning course, modules and application of learning technologies. It included learning materials, course content and virtualisation of face to face lessons.

Sample of the online course designed by Tsunagaru Edutech aligned with Japanese Education and SDGs.

During this project Tsunagaru Edutech assisted on:

– Build Agile Learning Environment using remote softwares and tools

– Combining Digital tools into a traditional Japanese lecture, using Padlet’s, Zoom, Online Softwares and more.

– Adopting Future Education 5.0 – Japanese Society is global well know for rapid adoption of new changes and challenges with an innovative mindset and cutting edge technology.

We were extremely glad to be part of this multi-disciplinary co-research team with this prestigious Kyushu University and Faculty of Engineering .

Tsunagaru Edutech truly believe in a open and global collaboration, research and unified cooperation between Industry and Academic experts. It is also part of our Sustainable Development Goals initiatives to achieve two of the seventeen goals ( Goal 4. Quality Educational and Goal 17. Build Partnerships for the Goals). Thank you everyone involved in this co-research project and team.

If you are interested on this project or to know more how Tsunagaru Edutech team can assist your online curriculum, blended learning implementation and future education 5.0, please contact us using the contact form or the information below.

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