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We assist on the co-research, rapid proof of concept and agile prototypes

3 arrow models is our research based model digital learning approach,  based on the Japanese legend 3 arrows models. One arrow could be broken easily, but three arrows held together could not. Our company name tsunagaru means connected; we strength our effort to work in a collaborative evidence-based approach, global partnerships and world vision.

Learning Analytics

Get help to increase learners' engagement, digital adoption, follow an understanding of learning analytics, and identify cost-effective edtech tools, and cloud technologies.


Obtain assistance in applying digital innovation with new learning strategies using micro-credentials, digital badges, intelligent certificates, and game-based learning skills.

Upskilling & Lifelong Learning by Tsunagaru Academy

Build new programs and roadmap to develop and grow your business or staff knowledge bases through learning new skills, training and micro-workshops. Tsunagaru Academy is our virtual training platform and e-ecosystem to support personalized micro-training, online lessons and learning outcomes. It is cost-effective using our platform too, in which small-medium enterprises can save operational costs without paying expensive fees for IT support, e-learning team, edtech and cloud architecture.


The importance of reskilling Japanese and global workforce

Why Life-Long Learning is very important for a Japanese Society 5.0?

Japan leads the world in the potential for jobs displaced by automation. Japan also is likely to face a shortage of skilled 1.5 million workers by 2030 (The future of work in Japan: Accelerating automation after COVID-19 - Report McKinsey.com)

Why do I need to accelerate DX and micro-learning implementation?

Micro training is more engaging, less time-consuming, cost-effective, and integrates new digital learning skills. Our compact micro-workshops are surprisingly effective for corporate, educational, and commercial training. Our flexible programs help clients create better and more productive workplaces by empowering employees to tackle complex issues with dynamic innovation and open-collaboration.

How much does tsunagaru micro-training and consulting support cost?

Our compact micro-training/workshop programs started from ¥ 50,000 (presential or via Tsunagaru Academy) up to our more extensive enterprise e-solutions. Including learning analytics, data-driven and technical analysis.

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We provide IT & business solutions

Help your organisation to accelerate the journey on digital transformation, micro-learning and reduce significantly costs

Innovative Thinking

Combining popular ideas or products from different disciplines

Agile Software Development

Global team with broad skill sets and expertise


Use to provide hybrid ecosystems and remote support

Business Idea

Co-build, design, and apply global ideas

Content Strategy

Save internal and operational costs

Tsunagaru Academy

Our virtual platform to deliver personalized micro-learning

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Connecting new business solutions and ideas advanced digital

Support our clients in their strategic decisions; helping them to build a diverse innovative ecosystem through digital platforms

Business Goal


Learning Analytics and Report


Validated by Proof of Concept (PoC)



Breaking the ice concept for a business transparency

Case Studies

Our Latest case studies

Take a look at our case studies. These are some of the results we’ve achieved for companies like yours

Dentayori Hybrid Education
Hakata Medical School
SDGs and Online Education
Kyushu University – Eng School
DX and Paperless implementation
[Q] Co-working, Hakata St
Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

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What client say about our company?

"We would like to thank you for your interest in UNESCO's support to countries in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on education. We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your commitment and work towards the promotion of quality and relevant education"


UNESCO Covid-19 Emergency Task Force to confront the disruptive acceleration in online learning and remote training

"Pablo's micro-workshop was easy to understand and very engaging"

Makoto Yamada

Chairman Japan Society of Dental Equipments, and Professor at Hakata Medical School

"Highly innovative and effective Team. Pablo was pushing the boundaries and moving the practices of higher education and emerging technologies forward so that both student learning and student experience are improved."

Lydia Kavanagh

Deputy Associate Dean Academy (Curriculum & Teaching Innovation) Professor of Higher education in STEAM

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Graphic Designer


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