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Tsunagaru in Japanese means “To connect”

Our digital transformation (DX), and e-learning solutions and services help public and private organisations to accelerate digitalisation, reducing significant cost with smart solutions and implement e-learning technologies. Accredited-Registered as DX enterprise by the Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies – (ISIT) and Fukuoka City DX Program.

Collaborative Global Project

DX (Digital Transformation) Case Studies

We have co-built projects with public and private organisations. Accelerating digital transformation, using smart technologies, e-learning and innovative solutions

Mentoring & Research

Our Advising and Mentoring Programs “Tsu UP” the entrepreneur’s abilities and help accelerate their learning, venture progress, and skill development.


In Japanese "Manabu" means “to learn” and is our key development backed by solid evidence-based research. We aim to be the next generation of e-learning software known as VLE (Virtual Learning Ecosystems)

DX Micro-learning

Co-develop and co-design micro-workshops and training to improve collaboration and team productivity. Your workforce will be able to adopt the skills necessary to succeed in the future.

Japan EdTech

Aiming to become Japan's education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connections and collaboration we can accelerate and expand Japan’s EdTech ecosystem globally.

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Goodbye Old Learning Management Systems

Manabu is our latest innovation. A new generation of Virtual Learning Ecosystem (VLE) focusing on social, team-based learning.

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dX & E-Learning Case Studies

View and download our visual infographic to have clear overview of our solutions and assistance. See the challenges, solutions and benefits that we offer to your business.

Remote Learning

Assistance, development, and staff training online curriculum for dental education at Hakata Medical School

SDGs Education

Rapid online development and DX adoption in Sustainable Development Lecture at Kyushu University (Engineering)

Co-Working Hub

DX implementation and automated access systems at JR Co working Space & Learning [Q]

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Customer’s voices

"He is fully involved in his startup, transforming traditional education into the modern one by using digital transformation, learning solutions and his senior skills. I have the opportunity to work with him in entrepreneurship, where he has been helping ProChile Japan connect the Fukuoka entrepreneur ecosystem with Chile. His energy, professionalism, perseverance and smartness are some of his primary skills."

Jaime Rivera

Former Chilean Trade Commissioner, ProChile Japan

"Pablo's micro-workshop was easy to understand and very engaging"

Makoto Yamada

Chairman Japan Society of Dental Equipments, and Professor at Hakata Medical School

"We would like to thank you for your interest in UNESCO's support to countries in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on education. We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your commitment and work towards the promotion of quality and relevant education"


UNESCO Covid-19 Emergency Task Force to confront the disruptive acceleration in online learning and remote training

"Highly innovative and effective Team. Pablo was pushing the boundaries and moving the practices of higher education and emerging technologies forward so that both student learning and student experience are improved."

Lydia Kavanagh

Deputy Associate Dean Academy (Curriculum & Teaching Innovation) Professor of Higher education in STEAM

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