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We can help you to build advance digital experiences and inject innovation into your business or educational programs. Assisting your internal journey on digital transformation with high-quality services, benchmarking processes, and innovative virtual environments

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tsunagaru academy

Tsunagaru Academy is our learning management system and virtual academy that brings together our innovative training, global collaboration. Innovative competencies necessary to face the gigantic challenges post COVID19, remote working and skills for future societies 

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Fukuoka Business Digital Content Award 2021

News: You Makeit – Dopang & Tsunagaru Edutech (Fukuoka Business Digital Content Award 2021) Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Date: 2021/Jan/17  Written by: Tsunagaru Edutech Marketing Team    We participated together with Dopang,

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Tsunagaru Edutech 2020 Impacts

Tsunagaru Edutech Impacts 2020     Thanks for believing in us! In these difficult times due to COVID-19, we were glad to expand our solutions and help clients with our expertise and advanced digital learning skills Merry Christmas to all

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Webinar Society 5.0 & Micro Training

We have hosted a Successful Webinar ” Why Micro-Learning is the future of skill based approach to a Society 5.0?   On Wed 09, Dec at 19PM Japan Time (GMT+9), our Tsunagaru Team (Pablo/Keisuke) presented an interesting webinar aligned to

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