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Tsunagaru Edutech 合同会社

Tsunagaru in Japanese means “To connect”. Our Digital Transformation (DX) and e-learning solutions-services help public or private organisations to accelerate digitalisation, reduce significant costs with smart solutions and implement e-learning technologies.


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View our collaborative projects with public and private organisations. Accelerate digital transformation, learning and innovation with our help!


In Japanese means “To learn” and it is our virtual learning ecosystem (VLe) and corporate training platform.

Japan EdTech

Japan Edtech’s aim is to become Japan's education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we can accelerate and expand Japan’s EdTech ecosystem globally. Join Us now!


Assist in the co-development, co-design and co-creation of short workshops or training to improve knowledge, retention, collaboration and productivity. Adopting our DX micro-learning portfolio, employees will learn in a short period of time without disrupting their daily tasks.

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Our hybrid start-up ecosystem

Top 7 Reasons Why Choose us!

A few of benefits for Japanese and international  business working with startup like us

Speed of decision-making


Start small, prototype fast and agile (PoC)


Attract global talent, clients and potential partners


Breaking down silos in traditional corporation


Investor sentiment and quick scalability with product/solutions


Startups can be your future customers


New technologies, changes and open mind innovators


Facilitate digital transformation today and prevent obstacles tomorrow!

Explore our DX, Learning case studies

View and download our visual infographic to have clear overview of our solutions and assistance. Challenges, solutions and benefits that we can bring to your business.

Hakata Medical School Dentayori (Blended Learning Platform)
Kyushu University 
(SDGs Online Education)
“Q”Co-Working and Learning Space (JR Kyushu)

We always listen sincerely to the voice of our customers

Customer’s Voice​

"We would like to thank you for your interest in UNESCO's support to countries in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on education. We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your commitment and work towards the promotion of quality and relevant education"


UNESCO Covid-19 Emergency Task Force to confront the disruptive acceleration in online learning and remote training

"Pablo's micro-workshop was easy to understand and very engaging"

Makoto Yamada

Chairman Japan Society of Dental Equipments, and Professor at Hakata Medical School

"Highly innovative and effective Team. Pablo was pushing the boundaries and moving the practices of higher education and emerging technologies forward so that both student learning and student experience are improved."

Lydia Kavanagh

Deputy Associate Dean Academy (Curriculum & Teaching Innovation) Professor of Higher education in STEAM

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