Smart Digital Transformation (DX) Solutions to achieve greater competitiveness in a Digital 🌍

Introduction to our company

Tsunagaru Edutech is our digital DX consulting company with a strong international industry-academic expertise, international projects and solid evidence based research approach.

Our solutions included:

1) Digital Transformation (DX)

  • Smart E-Commerce Business
  • Smart Engineering & Industry
  • Smart Training & Development
  • Smart Education
  • Smart e-Health & m-Health
  • Smart Work Style
  • Smart City, Campus and Mobility

2) Micro-Credentials, Digital Badges (Blockchain Technology)

3)EdTech (Educational Technologies) and Digital Learning

4) Virtual Training Platform (Tsunagaru Academy) is our learning system to develop micro workshops, training and certified skills

Our company's mission:

To help Japanese and global organisations to rapid adoption DX with advanced micro-learning and blockchain technology as a verified proof of skills (Micro-Credentials).

 Our solutions aligned with Japanese vision of a Super Smart Society 5.0 and accelerate Digital Transformation for small business, public organisations and educational sector


Our company values

DX-Micro Learning

Affordable DX microtraining, microworkshops and the use of advanced technology to promote equality in education and training.

100% Digital

Responsible digital that leads to a reduced ecological footprint and lesspaper concept (100% digital-remote and global)

Disruptive Innovation

A helping and "Know How" through strong global partnership, support local government/business initiatives with innovative actions

Business Content


Co-create and design advanced digital learning experiences, improve e-commerce solutions, hybrid learning and advance technology implementation


DX Consulting (Academy) including micro-training, micro-workshop to employees, re-education, and ongoing professional development or Continous Professional Development


Collaborative joint partnerships with global institutions, companies to focus on economic development

Why is so important to re-skilling &
accelerate DX adoption?

Facing future challenges and
our solutions

“In Japan, 99% of employees work for small businesses, which do not offer training as often as larger ones. Governments must thus strategically partner with businesses to create reskilling initiatives and support investments in three main areas: people’s capabilities, institutions related to work, and high-growth sectors” Source WOF

Why our Solutions?

Help your organisation to accelerate the journey on digital transformation, micro-learning and reduce expensive training costs

EdTech & e-Commerce DX Solutions

Innovative Global Thinking

Micro-Learning (Virtual Academy)

(Verified Micro-Data - Skills Industry & Business Needs

100 % Agile, Proactive and
Remote Support

Quality Standards
Aligned to Society 5.0 & SDGs

Our Numbers

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Domestic & International

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Attendants in webinars and digital learning designs

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Positive feedback in our DX Micro-workshops and Digital Experiences

Tsunagaru Academy is our VTP (Virtual Training Platform) that support the development of our personalised micro-training, HyFlex – HyBrid Learning New Experiences

Cost Effective

Save internal and IT Operational Costs

Aligned to Industry

Lessons are connected with Industry and case based experiences


Employers can verified workers skills, expertise and knowledge


We can co-build/design entire online curriculum, programs based on your needs

Our virtual micro-workshops, micro-training and hybrid programs included advance learning analytic tools to improve learners experiences

Adapted to global standards in Online Hybrid Education

Flexible Learning
Anywhere, any device

Chat and Customise Learning Support


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